If You Or Your Site Visitors Had Problems In The Past Searching For WAHM Related Information,
Then You'll Need WAHMoogle

From: Lynette Chandler

Here's how to avoid manually filtering major search engine results for WAHM specific information

Don't you just hate it when you're trying to look up a product made by a work at home mom but can't find it quickly using the big seach engines? This has happened to me way too often. Don't get me wrong. I use the big search engines a lot, several times a day, every day in fact but when it comes to highly targetted markets and information, often they fall short.

You won't have that problem with WAHMoogle because it only searches the top work at home mom web sites.

But why search only these sites?

As a fellow work at home mom, I am always looking for other products and services other moms have created. At other times, I research topics of interest to work at home moms. These top work at home mom sites are packed with the exact information I'm looking for but the big search engines don't always find such specifics.

This is why I put together WAHMoogle. Because it is limited to the top work at home mom sites, your search results will always be highly relevant to this market and this market only. No more manually filtering search results, no more typing special search arguments. Just type and search, the way search should be.

Here are some examples how you can use WAHMoogle

  • Offer WAHM Search To Your Site Visitors - If you have a work at home mom resource site or market to work at home moms, offer a search for your visitors on your site. Copy and paste a simple piece of code on to your web site. It would help bring your visitors back to your site just to use it. If you haven't noticed, we don't have a search box anywhere on this page because we want moms to visit your site and use WAHMoogle from there instead.
  • Search For Mom Created Products - Support your fellow work at home mom. Find products, services, even affilaite programs by and for moms.
  • Do Market Research - I love this. If you're in the work at home mom market, this is a great tool to find out what people are looking for, talking about, information and topics that interest moms.
  • Blog Idea Tool - Do you market to moms? Suffering from blogger's block? Search with WAHMoogle.
  • Smart Networking - One of the things successful people tell you to do is to answer questions and offer your expertise on message boards or blogs. Use WAHMoogle to search for questions other moms are asking about your product. Yes, it searches message boards and blogs too.

WAHMoogle is totally free to use or distribute
There is no purchase required
No link backs required

Here's what you'll get when you sign in:

  • Preformatted, easy copy and paste code to put WAHMoogle search on your web site
  • Quickly and easily do market research on the WAHM community
  • Quickly find WAHM created products
  • Notifications when we find WAHM friendly information

Free - Include Your Site On WAHMoogle For a limited time, I'm accepting suggestions for WAHM sites to be added into WAHMoogle. Details once you sign in.

What are you waiting for mom? The kids are coming home soon, your customer will email you shortly. You'll get caught up in the everyday busy-ness of being a work at home mom. Sign in now.

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